Joe Stokes & Company History

In the 1970’s Joe Stokes began his career in the construction industry by joining an apprenticeship program with the local carpenters union #225 in Washington DC for 4 years. Joe Stokes then went on to work with George Hyman Construction for 6+ years.

ATL Airport Construction 1980’s

In 1979 Joe Stokes moved to the Atlanta area to help work on Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for George Hyman Construction. His father James Stokes was the superintendent on the project where he worked alongside and learned from him until project completion. After the Airport project was complete his father went on to retire while Joe Stokes continued his career in the industry. He began working with Beers Construction in Atlanta in the early 1980’s.

In 1987 Joe Stokes along with a partner formed Perimeter Interiors a general contracting company. They specialized in class A commercial office interior renovations and became very well known and highly reputable in the Atlanta area.

In 1995 company partnership changed and Stellar Construction was formed. The company specialized in commercial office interior renovations along with commercial roofing.

In 2003 Joe Stokes decided to go out on his own and formed Stellar Contracting, Inc. The company has changed and grown over the years, still following its roots as a interiors company to what it is today. Stellar now specializes in many diverse projects including commercial office, retail, education, government, assisted living facilities, medical offices, restaurants, and museums.

Today the company is still a family-owned business where Joe Stokes is now teaching his daughter and son the trade and business.

Joe Stokes